lexblock, the future of music and copyright protection and monetisation

In a few easy steps on your mobile, permanently register your copyright, securely store, and protect your music using the latest technology including blockchain registration and audio fingerprints, and easily and indisputably identify your work as your own, with our legal, digital certificate of ownership.

Secure. Protect. Track. Collect.


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Secure your copyright- get a digital certificate proving ownership and let us create your PERMANENT record on the blockchain that is TAMPERPROOF and NEVER POSSIBLE TO DELETE

Protect your music- make sure that you will always be identifiable as the owner and creator, so no one can copy it without your permission with our AUDIO FINGERPRINT

Track- sign up now as an early adopter and soon you’ll be able to follow your music around the globe in real time using our groundbreaking Lextag™

Collect- often music creators miss out on royalties because users don’t know who to pay- never again with Lexblock because they will easily get your contact info by heading to the app, and in phase 2 you’ll get paid INSTANTLY AND AUTOMATICALLY EVERY TIME YOUR MUSIC IS STREAMED

Use our logo to show people where to go to get accurate verified information confirming you’re the maker of your music, when you created it, and how to get in touch with you so they can pay you, connect with you and even book you for gigs!


  • Strong protection against unauthorised copying and theft of your music

  • Ensure people wanting to use your music can pay you

  • Independent verification of your intellectual property ownership

  • Prove you are the creator and owner of your music

  • Deter others from using your music without permission

  • Register your music on a blockchain- the future of copyright protection



  • Create an account in minutes with one piece of ID

  • Upload masters directly

  • Instantly download your digital certificate legally proving ownership

  • Register your music on the blockchain

    …. all directly from your mobile